Player Development Program

Europa Lions believes that young soccer players require nurturing. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative and prestigious player development program. We take youth players with star potential and bring out their talent with discipline and encouragement, bringing them up to league standard. 

As part of our prestigious soccer program in New Jersey, players get access to seasoned, highly-experienced coaches with many years of experience on the pitch. Our ground-up approach begins by identifying player strengths and weaknesses and then focusing on relentless improvement to encourage players to develop their skills. We’re not just interested in teaching individual talent on the ball. We show the youth how to read the game, understand all the angles, and work with other players as a team. Our development programs, therefore, develop both the talent and the character of young people. 

Our training tryouts meet regularly on a set schedule, designed to optimize training with with downtime. We cover all the styles of soccer, implementing ‘the player’ with various ideas, knowledge and understanding. Players will get expert coaching, covering all manner of topics from defending to attacking principles.

Soccer is one of the deepest competitive team sports in the world. There’s virtually no limit to how complex you can make it. Each type of play has an opposing counter-play, which means that there is always more to learn and improve.

Young aspiring soccer players should join our player development program today. We encourage proper technique and build skills from the ground-up. Join us and experience the difference and how we Develop players.